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  • Power free pneumatic desk
  • 30″ x 60″ work surface
  • Perfect for Larger Monitors

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Work Surface &

Base Colors

Made with recycled engineered wood and durable Formica
About Our Work Surfaces

Urban Oak

Neutral Twill

Dover White

Graphite Twill

Stone White – Base
Silver – Base
Charcoal Black – Base

Performance Testing

Does your next desk meet BIFMA X5.5 testing standards?

Detailed Specs

MaterialThe base is made of powder-coated precision steel.  The work surface has a recycled engineered wood internal material with a Formica finish.
Desk weight120 lbs
Ideal weight capacity40 – 50 lbs (The average desk has 15lbs of weight on it)
Work surface dimensions30″ x  60″
Adjustable ranges
  • Column only (add your own surface) = 25” – 43”
  • Table with work surface &  Glides = 27.5” – 45”
  • Table with work surface & Casters = 29.75” – 47”
Max. lifting force50 Newtons (44.96 lbs)
Lifting speed3 second – on a slow day
DriveInternal, lockable compression spring
BaseAsymmetrical Trapezoid – 38″ wide in the front

The Lüften Base

Already have a great work surface? Use our pneumatic base to make it a standing desk.



Through the magical power of editing the install video is around 3 minutes. The install process should take you about 10 minutes.


Warranty Docs

This desk will likely outlast all of us, but if anything goes wrong we have you covered.

Quick Look

The Lüften Worksurface is 60″ x 30″ and comes in four cool colors.
The Lüften has a 20 inch adjustable range to dial in the right sitting and standing height for you. Read the Specs
The Lüften base is 38 inches wide – this gives your feet ample room and doesn’t take up as much room as split leg desks. Shop Now
Go with glides for a low profile look or add castors to your order for a mobile workstation. Shop Now
Bike handle style activation mechanism – easy to use and super fast.