pneumatic desk advantages

Productivity & Efficiency

  • 8X faster than the fastest electric
  • No noise associated with the “whine” of motors
  • No training time for new users
  • Elimination of service calls – power loss, power spike or collision
  • Faster desks increase utilization

8X's Faster than Electric Desks

pneumatic desk advantages

Installation & Mobility

  • Ease of set-up & take down
  • No need to mount & connect handsets, control boxes & cables
  • Compact storage space requirements when not in use
  • Add casters and the entire workstation is mobile
  • No power requirements

Power-Free Desks & The Flow State

pneumatic desk advantages


  • Electric motors, control boxes & wiring harnesses are hard to disassemble and won’t likely be recycled.
  • Lower carbon footprint – 1 watt of power = 3.4 BTUs / hr of heat that AC needs to overcome.

Benefits of Power-Free Pneumatic Desks

pneumatic desk advantages


We've all had the "too many cables" problem. Our pneumatic desks look amazing and also make your space look amazing by not having cables everywhere.